15 April

ABS is NSF Registered!

ABS Corporation is proud to announce that we’ve added another layer of quality assurance to our dietary supplement manufacturing with the NSF cGMP registration of our facilities.

Ensuring the products we produce are authentic, pure and in the quantity and potency as labeled is our utmost concern, so we’re continuously reviewing our manufacturing and analytical procedures. We’re proud to be able to offer our customers the additional assurance of our continuation of quality through these NSF registrations. NSF International is an independent, third party, quality auditing organization.

“This is a Registration by NSF International that All American Pharmaceutical is in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as set forth in NSF/ANSI Standard 173-2008, Dietary Supplements, Section 8. These requirements are consistent with the published GMP regulation for dietary supplements as defined in 21 CFR § 111, which was published by the FDA in June 2007.” – NSF International

Click the following link to see our NSF cGMP certification: