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ABS Corporation was established over 50 years ago with the goal of becoming a unique turnkey solution manufacturer with an emphasis on compliance. Today, ABS Corporation is a trusted manufacturer to some of the most recognized brands and continues to expand its capabilities in its various cGMP compliant manufacturing facilities.



We manufacture a variety of products encompassing a broad spectrum of applications and industries. If you don’t see a product category listed here please feel free to reach out to our Sales team and discuss how we can make your product idea a reality.

Sports Nutrition

Dietary Supplements

Health Supplements

Herbal Supplements

Men and Women Nutritionals

Fish Oil

Vitamin C


Animal Health Products

Animal Nutrition

Equine Dietary Supplements



Digestion Aids

Enyzme Spray

Teat Dip

Animal Feed Additives

Pet and Animal Dental Tablets






Facial scrubs



Animal Soaps


Our clients have trusted ABS Corporation for over 55 years to facilitate a diverse range of projects. The expansion of our highly adaptable facility allows us to create products quickly and efficiently with the expertise you need.

Our services include:

Design and Packaging

More than half of purchases are based on emotions. When customers go to a store to purchase a product and have several options in front of them, it’s a battle of perceptions, associations, and brand recognition. Aesthetics can make all the difference, but information is important as well. Giving the customer clear information on the product and making the customer experience great helps build brand credibility. Our in house designers give special attention to both these paradigms to ensure we deliver an outstanding product to the consumer and exceed our client’s expectations. Packaging Solutions
Designing custom packaging for our customers for over 40 years has given us access and unique experience with a variety of packaging solutions. Our product development team works to ensure the best packaging is selected for your brand and artwork is designed with your requested packaging specs in mind. Our team is also committed to building high-quality and cost-efficient solutions to help our customers maximize their bottom line. Your success is our success. Every product starts with an idea — your idea. Our skilled and experienced Product development team will work hand in hand with you to create the best possible product while maintaining your ideas and goals.


Raw material sourcing
Over the years we have built relationships with our suppliers that excel in Quality, Speed, and Reliability. Whether it’s something as simple as dextrose or pharmaceutical grade vitamins, we will work through our vendors to find the best quality materials for your product.

Once the quality raw materials are sourced, our research and development team will work through the pre-formulating steps to ensure your wants and needs are accurately translated to the new formulation.

Pilot runs
Developing Pilot runs or prototype batches is often times the most important step. We call upon on our experience most during this phase. Every step that is taken here can reflect later in production. Our Chemists and Formulation R&D team work together to weed out potential pit-falls that may occur when the batch is scaled. Alongside scalability, the efficacy of the product is closely monitored. All these steps help guarantee a successful scale-up. Scale-up to production
Most companies treat only the initial production batches as trials. We strive for perfection during every batch. This means every batch is closely monitored. Even the slightest deviation is documented and reviewed for quality. Efficiency suggestions made during all production runs are also noted and reviewed to provide feedback to our Operation and R&D groups, which may be used to modify future batches and all production batches are recorded in our systems to ensure quality and consistency on future batches. Every part of the production process, from Formulation and Processing, to Filling and Packaging is also reviewed against cGMP practices and Federal regulation to ensure all compliance standards are met or exceeded.


In our cGMP compliant facility, ABS is able to perform flexible production runs, enabling us to get your product to market faster without sacrificing quality. We offer a full range of contract manufacturing services including:

Powder Blending
This is a popular form for high dosage products such as diet and fiber drinks. We specialize in protein powders, meal replacement drinks, and custom blends. We can provide these products in bulk, or packaged in jars, pouches, or buckets.

This industry standard is the most widely used dosage form because of its relatively inexpensive cost. We can manufacture a wide range of sizes and shapes to fit your requirements. Each of our high-speed, high-tonnage presses can produce at speed up to 500,000 tablets per shift which offers quicker turnaround times. We also offer the ability to specialty manufacture large bolus tablets as well as effervescent tablets.

Two-piece Hard-Shell Gelatin Capsules
A very popular dosage form in the dietary supplement industry. Capsules are easier for consumers to swallow and the capsules shells dissolve quickly for increased absorption. Each of our high-speed encapsulation machines can produce up to 600,000 capsules per shift. Once encapsulated, all capsules are inspected 100% to ensure that only the highest quality product is passed on to our customers.

Liquids (including Gels) – Hot or Cold
Our liquid manufacturing capabilities include anything from 1-2 oz. shooters, to bulk concentrate formulas for large animal applications and everything in between. We also have our own Reverse Osmosis (RODI) water system on site with continuous UV filtration that produces ultra pure water to ensure we provide the highest quality of product.

Creams are a popular vehicle for products that are related to skin care and anything that might need to require a sensitive application, including cosmetics, bath or shower products, toiletries, and hair care products.

Anytime you have a mixture of two or more liquids that are normally insoluble, you have to use careful and specific methods to get the end product to stabilize. Popular emulsified products include vinaigrettes, condiments, lotions, and detergents or other types of surfactants.

As opposed to free flowing powders, granulating powder helps reduce caking or clumping as well as reduce dust when distributing the product, especially in agriculture applications. It is also a popular method for sensitive time release products that require specific granule density and size.


We are proud to serve our clients.

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