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01 January

For over 55 years, Our new facilities located on our campus in Omaha, Nebraska, manufactures and packages many of the nations leading brands with science-based offerings in EPA disinfectants, cosmetics, nutritionals, pharmaceuticals and pet care products using only the highest-grade ingredients.

We have four dedicated manufacturing facilities located on our campus. The reason we have designated our facilities is to utilize our campus structure for compliance and optimization of the specific manufacturing practices that occur in each facility.

Building One
This is ABS Corporation’s primary headquarters for quality assurance & administrative offices.. This building is dedicated to liquid manufacturing and processing, filling liquids, gels, emulsions, tubes, pouches, grab-and-go type packaging, jars, bottles, and bulk for further processing.

Building Two – Center
This section is staged for finished goods, freight, & shipping.

Building Two – North
This section is fitted with liquid feed packaging lines.

Building Two – South
This area is fitted with dry feed processing lines.

Building Three is dedicated to dry manufacturing and processing, quality assurance, & contains areas reserved for light sensitive and/or humidity controlled manufacturing. This area is fitted with multiple formulation and packaging lines, which include encapsulation, tableting, powder filling, pouch filling, jar filling, and bulk packaging for further processing.

Building Four – South
This area is dedicated to agronomy manufacturing, agricultural production & new technology processing.

Building Four – North
This is ABS Corporation’s primary Contract Research Organization & sales offices.